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Category: Media
Author: Wouter de Jong

Labels: streptomyces


Soya flour  
Agar  (LabM)  

Experiment settings

Volume of MS medium to prepare:
Volume per bottle/flask: ml 
Step 1

Prepare   MS medium in alliquots of ml per bottle as follows

Step 2
Add to    different bottles each:
  •  soya flour
  •  mannitol
  • Agar
Step 3
Add to each bottle ml of tap water, dissolve the agar and soyaflour as much as possible and autoclave the medium.
  • Use soya flour from a health food shop or supermarket, not the expensive material from a laboratory supplier.
  • Mannitol Soya flour Medium (MS) Hobbs et al. (1989) is sometimes referred to as "SFM".