Facilities and services


Our services are hosted on a high performance, scalable and fully redundant webcluster, separated over geographically dispersed datacenters to ensure that your data is securely stored and always available. The fully redundant set-up makes sure that if any part within our network goes off-line, users will automatically be able to gain access via another redundant path. Any information you store is replicated in real-time such that a second copy of your data is immediately available on a physical separate location. In case of a power failure or a defective hard drive, the second storage server will immediately take over. With this setup we can guarantee an uptime of >99.95 %. Finally, an additional daily archive is created of all your data on a third separate location to make sure that whatever happens, your data can always be (historically) retrieved.

This so-called sever-client architecture has some major advantages for our users:

Low Maintenance

All software is operated and updated by Bio-ITech and does not require any effort from the user to keep all software up to date and ready to use.

High Accessibility

As our services exist as an on-line platform, you can access your data everywhere anytime. This provides many opportunities for hand-held devices such as tablet computers (including iPad) or smart-phones to view your data.

Automated Back-ups

All your data is securely stored in our central storage facility. To make sure that your data is safely stored and can always be retrieved in case of an disastrous event, we make continuous backups in real-time, as well as periodic daily back-ups of all your data.


To guarantee the security of your highly confidential information, we use an Extended Validation SSL Certificate for data exchange in all our on-line applications. This EV SSL certificate was issued to Bio-ITech, the owner and operator of all eLabJournal applications and is displayed in most browsers as a green trust bar. This certificate guarantees that all information is send or received from designated and secured eLabJournal web-servers.


In addition, all information send or received from our servers has a 2048-bits encryption to guarantee the safety of your confidential scientific data. For more information about security and safety, please contact us.