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Countersign and Experiment Section Comments

We are excited to announce two great new features in eLabJournal: Countersign experiments and Experiment Comments.
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Posted on December 21, 2015

Mendeley integration

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network. With Mendeley you can organize your own library of papers and read and annotate your PDFs on any device.

Within the eLabJournal Apps & Connections (link on the upper right corner of your eLabJournal) you can enable Mendeley. From then on, you may insert references from Mendeley straight into text section of experiments in eLabJournal.
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Posted on September 9, 2015

Experiment Templates

We have a great new feature to improve your efficiency when working with eLabJournal: Experiment Templates

  • Create new experiments with predefined sections and with linked protocols, samples and files
  • Set up a standard ELN template available for all members in the lab to document experiments.
  • Bundle Experiment Templates to set up a workflow of experiments in a new study.

For questions or feedback, feel free to contact us!

Posted on July 21, 2015

Excel integration, new Mobile App and eLabSync

A highly requested feature of eLabJournal is integration of Excel. In this update we have introduced a seemless integration of Microsoft Web Apps Excel right in your eLabJournal. We also launched new updates of our Mobile App and eLabSync to easily transfer notes, images and files from your computer or mobile device to your ELN. Read more

Posted on January 16, 2015

Electronic Lab Notebook Update

We are excited to announce a major update for the Electronic Lab Notebook eLabJournal. The new update includes an improved overview, and several new functions, such as image editting, section moving and a completely new module for lab equipment planning. Read more

Posted on June 10, 2014

New updates: Improved Sample Series Handling

Over the past months we gradually introduced several new features in our ELN module as well as our Inventory Module. Read more about the new Inventory Updates

Posted on November 7, 2013

New ELN update

Project Groups and Improved collaboration options

Over the past months we have gradually introduced several new features in our ELN module, including the introduction of project groups, improved collaboration options and experiment reporting options. Read more here

Posted on November 4, 2013

New System Update

We proudly present a new key feature in the eLab Platform; tracking sample quantities and (automatic) ordering of lab consumables and chemicals. The update also includes multiple improvements such as a new navigation menu and self-configurable sample table overviews.
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Posted on April 5, 2013

Storage Heatmap and Organisation/Institute Search Options

Several new features and updates are now available in eLabJournal's sample management module eLabInventory. Some of these new updates are: storage heatmaps, improved and searchable documentation and support for organisation-wide sample/chemical/items searches.
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Posted on December 13, 2012

New Feature Online: Storage Compartment reservations

We are pleased to announce the release of a long expected new functionality in eLabJournal's sample management module eLabInventory. With this new exiting feature it is possible to reserve compartments, like drawer, sections, racks and boxes for certain users in the lab to store samples, offering more flexibility to organize sample storage for labs.
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Posted on October 4, 2012

Inventory Module update

We are excited to announce a new update of eLabJournal's sample management module eLabInventory. In the new eLabInventory release, we have improved several of the existing functionalities and we developed several new options to organize you samples more efficiently.
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Posted on June 24, 2012

eLabJournal - Electronic Laboratory Notebook Now Online!

We are excited to announce the release of the eLabJournal electronic notebook (ELN)! eLabJournal is the first digital notebook that fully replaces your hand-written lab journal and enables you to integrate all digital data you collect in the lab. Read more

eLabJournal offers you and your laboratory many advantages:

  • A centralized system to document all projects, studies and experiments in the lab
  • Standardizes data entry and organizes all collected raw data
  • Easily share data and collaborate in projects, studies and experiments
  • Organizes all samples in the lab with automatic track- and tracing to studies
  • Uses dynamic protocol templates to quickly add experiments and make less mistakes
  • Archives studies, experiments and collected data for many years
  • Work more efficiently and save time to do more research
  • And much more...

Join now and be convinced! For academic laboratories we offer free accounts. Get your free account here. If you are already using eLabProtocols or eLabInventory, you can access your stored inventory and protocols and use them in your experiments. View the demonstration video to learn how to use eLabJournal here

Posted on May 7, 2012

eLabInventory Update – User Permissions & Smartphone App

We are happy to introduce a new eLabInventory feature: User Roles and Permissions. This feature allows you to enable or disable specific actions within eLabInventory for the members in the lab. Read more

Permissions and User Roles

To give you more flexibility in defining which actions users can and cannot perform within eLabInventory, we completely revamped the old permissions into a fully self-configurable user role based access control system. You can now specifically set the permissions to any action on samples, sample types, storage units and compartments for each user in the lab. By creating a user role you can create groups of users in the lab that should have the same permissions, like students or group-leaders. You can create as many user roles as you like, to adjust the permission system and to customize eLabInventory according to the specifications in your laboratory. In the new permission system it is also possible to have multiple users with the administrator role, that can add or remove members in the group as well as setting their user role. Setting permissions and user roles, can be done under groups if you are an administrator in your group.

Integration of Permissions in the User-Interface

The settings of the permissions is reflected in the presence or absence of buttons in the navigation menus and action toolbars, to keep the interface clean and simple for users with only limited permissions. In other words, if you are not able the view storage units, the button to navigate to storage units is no longer available. Similarly, if users with a certain user role cannot delete samples, the delete button will not be visible in the various toolbar throughout the application. In this way, the permission settings enables to gain complete control of the layout and available actions in eLabInventory.

Migration of the old permission system

As part of the new permission system, we had to migrate the old permissions. By doing so, the old “power user” permission became obsolete and is therefore no longer available. All users that were previously set to power user, are from this moment on automatically set to the administrator permission role, as these two roles were previously almost identical. If you do not want the old power users to have full administrator privileges in your lab, you can downgrade them to the normal user permission, or you can create a new user role (and name it Power User) and specify the exact permissions you want to give the users with this role in your lab.

eLabInventory App

To make it easier to find back samples, the FREE eLabInventory Scanner App for iPhone, iPad and Android is now available here. Install the App and use your smartphone to scan barcode labels (using the build-in camera) to instantly retrieve all up-to-date sample information directly on your smartphone.

For more information about the new permission system or the eLabInventory App, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted on March 14, 2012

Looking back on 2011 and looking ahead in 2012

As we are getting closer towards the end of 2011, we feel it is time give you an update of what we have brought to you this year and that you can expect from us in 2012. Read more

Introduction of eLabInventory in 2011

In 2011 we have mainly focused on the development and introduction of eLabInventory in life science research laboratories. eLabInventory is a web-based Inventory Management System that aids labs in organizing specimen and samples stored in the lab. We have successfully introduced eLabInventory in several labs this year and the interest in eLabInventory is growing rapidly. Also, we have received many ideas for new features as well as many suggestions to improve some of the existing functionalities in eLabInventory. For this, we want to thank you all! As we did in 2011, we will continue to improve eLabInventory and offer new features to make eLabInventory even more valuable for your lab. More information about which features to expect and when the next eLabInventory update will be released will follow in 2012.

Launching eLabJournal in 2012

Our main aim is to offer companies and laboratories a total and turn-key solution to organize their work in the lab. We will continue to do so in 2012. Therefore we are pleased to announce the long expected release of eLabJournal. eLabJournal is a web-based laboratory information management system that enables scientists to organize their lab work in a digital labjournal. eLabJournal will include, among many other features, full integration of eLabInventory and eLabProtocols. For those interested in eLabJournal and all supported features, there is an eLabJournal Product Tour on our website. As we did with eLabInventory, we offer several beta testing accounts early 2012. Labs interested in testing eLabJournal can contact us to register for a testing account.

New eLabProtocols features

With the integration of eLabProtocols in eLabJournal, we will also introduce several new features to eLabProtocols. Our main goal for eLabProtocols is to make it more intuitive and easy to set up and configure dropdown menus in dynamic protocols. The defined dynamic elements (dropdown menus) serve as an input field for your data input in eLabJournal. More information about when to expect the eLabProtocols update will follow in 2012.

Mobile platform applications

Also the strong increase of users with smart phones and tablets in the lab did not stay unnoticed to us. For labs using eLabInventory, we have recently developed the eLabInventory Scanner App to scan barcode labels and to retrieve all sample information directly on your smartphone. The App is available in the Android Market and is currently awaiting approval for the Apple App store. We expect its approval early 2012.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your support over the past year! On behalf of our entire team we wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the year 2012!

Posted on December 21, 2011

eLabInventory scanner now available for your smartphone

November 24, 2011

We are delighted to announce the availability of the eLabInventory barcode scanner on the smartphone market. Read more

The app eLabInventory Scanner is already available for download in the Android Market. Apple iOS users have to be patient though, because the app is still in the process of getting approved by the App Store. eLabInventory Scanner allows you to scan the 2D barcodes labeled onto boxes, drawers, racks, cages etc. to request all the information right at your fingertips. In addition, the app contains a build-in browser to find details about the samples that are stored in the scanned box. Please note that due to limitations of your smartphones camera, the barcodes needs to be at least 0.5 inch. If you need to use a barcode scanner with smaller barcodes, please have a look at our dedicated Motorola barcode scanner.

- Read more about using a Dymo Labelprinter to use barcodes in your laboratory
- Read more about using a dedicated barcode scanner with high resolution laser suitable for small (0.1-0.2 inch) barcodes

Posted on November 24, 2011

BIO-ITECH BV closed finance round

October 14, 2011

Bio-ITech BV has announced today that the RUG Houdstermaatschappij, Stichting Triade and Stichting ir. G.J.Smid Fonds, collectively referred to as SquareOne BV, have participated in Bio-ITech BV. Read our press release.

Posted on October 14, 2011

New head of ICT

October 3, 2011

We welcome our new colleague Jens Rasmussen who has joined our team today. Jens is the new head of ICT.

Posted on October 3, 2011

eLabInventory 1.2 Launched

We are pleased to announce the release of eLabInventory 1.2. We completely redesigned the Inventory Browser and centralized all standard actions in a single toolbar. In addition, we included a number of other new features and improvements. Read more

Redesign of the Inventory Browser

The most prominent new update is an improved Inventory Browser. The new Inventory Browser offers a cleaner user interface with the following changes:

  • A flexible navigation interface that allows users to choose the most optimal view settings
  • An action toolbar to add samples, storage compartments, print labels and search for a free location.
  • Option to toggle between "boxview" and "listview" of samples stored in a box
  • Right-mouse click actions

The new design of the Inventory Browser offers many possibilities for future updates, including bulk actions like moving, editing and deleting samples and storage compartments.

Multiple Compartments and Maximum Compartment Size

To speed up the storage unit configuration, we have included a new feature to add multiple compartments (drawers/boxes etc.) when configuring a storage unit in the Inventory Browser. In addition, it is now possible to set the maximum size of a compartment by right clicking and choosing 'edit'. Setting a maximum prevents the addition of more compartments than physically would fit in your freezers or other storage units.

Minor Improvements and new features

Finally, we added some new features and improvements.
  • Added notifications to 4 new tutorials of eLabInventory
  • Adjusted the sample list layout for samples with long names
  • Added a small keyboard icon to all short- and longtext fields. Clicking that icon allows users to enter special characters and/or symbols
  • Improved advanced search when searching samples between two storage dates
  • Added 'intelligent' compartment numbering when adding new compartments, which if needed can be overruled by the user.
  • Fixed bug that prevented samples without a location to be only accessible by its creator and not by the group administrator
  • Fixed bug that caused greek characters or symbols not properly being displayed

Do you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug? Contact us or let us know via Twitter

Posted on July 22, 2011

Fully Featured eLabInventory Tutorials Now Available!

We have launched several new tutorials about how to use eLabInventory to organize, store, and share samples and chemicals in your lab. Read more

View our tutorials by clicking on the link

Interested in using eLabInventory in your lab? Register for a free academic account here or contact us for a trial account.

Posted on July 7, 2011

Launching eLabInventory 1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of eLabInventory 1.1. The new eLabInventory software comprises a number of very exciting new features, several minor improvements and a few bug fixes. Read more

DYMO LabelWriter

We now fully support DYMO LabelWriters 400/450 printers. If you have access to a DYMO LabelWriter 400/450 (either on your own computer or available in your local network) you can now easily print labels from eLabInventory. Text and barcodes are automatically added to labels (for which a multitude of different sizes are available) that are a perfect fit for you samples, freezers, refrigerators, drawers and boxes. Don't have a DYMO LabelWriter 400/450 printer?  You may find these printers at your local office supplier for less than 80 euro's.

Read more about how to use your DYMO LabelWriter with eLabInventory.


eLabScan Barcode Scanner

We now support eLabScan barcode scanners to retrieve information from your samples which have been labeled with a barcode. These barcode scanners work as stand-alone devices that only requires a Wi-Fi based internet connection. In addition to identifying samples in the lab, your can also move samples in and between different places (like freezers) without the need of a computer while maintaining a full audit trail. Barcode scanners pre-installed with eLabScan™ software are optionally provided for your laboratory. Please contact us for more information.


Action Toolbar

To improve the management of your samples, we have added a toolbar that enables you to perform actions on multiple sample at once. Current supported actions include deleting samples and printing labels. In addition, you may transfer samples to another user which than becomes the 'owner'. The action toolbar is available in 'My Samples' and in the 'Advanced Search'.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Added -180 freezer and Storage Rooms as a custom storage location.
  • Optimized and improved the way a custom storage unit is defined.
  • The login name (email address) is now filled in automatically at your next login.
  • Bug fix for Internet explorer when cloning a sample that prevented the user from entering the number of clones.
  • Several improvements for handling a double-click, especially when adding new samples.
  • Fixed LinkedIN profile synchronization.
  • Improved export of samples from eLabInventory to Excel.

Do you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug? Contact us or let us know via Twitter

Posted on June 9, 2011

eLabInventory Updates and New Features

We recently updated eLabInventory with a few bug fixes as well as some minor changes to improve easy of use of eLabInventory. We cleaned up and moved around some the main navigation menus and updated all documentation. We also introduced the following new features to expand the functionality of eLabInventory for your lab. Read more

Adding Sample Series

Beside the possibility to clone or duplicate samples in eLabInventory, it is now also possible to store sample series. Sample series comprise a group of samples that can be moved, edited and deleted in a single action. Samples in a series are automatically numbered. This enable you to quickly store a batch of collected samples or several obtained clones or isolated plasmid batches.

Searching Free Storage Locations

We have included a new feature to search for free space in a storage units. You can now simply select a freezer or refrigerator or any of the towers, racks or drawers herein and specify the number of samples you want to storeto find a box that can accommodate your samples.

Export of Samples

To retrieve all sample information of the samples stored in eLabInventory, there is now an export option available. Define your search In the advanced search and retrieve all sample by clicking on export.

Report a bug or a suggestion for a new feature, let us know.

Posted on May 2, 2011

Bio-ITech wins Healthy Aging Business Battle 2011!

Bio-ITech, developers of the eLabJoural product line, has been choosen as the best innovator during the Healthy Aging Campus Business Battle. Product Manager Wouter de Jong contested and won with flying colours from 2 other Life Science companies.
Posted on March 24, 2011

eLabInventory open for registration

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our latest online application eLabInventory.
eLabInventory is an online Inventory Management System with the following features: Read more

  • Document and organize samples and chemicals in the lab
  • Store samples in virtual storage locations, like freezers, refrigerators etc.
  • Share samples with the members in your lab and easily find where samples are stored.
  • Many possibilities to generate overviews or to find back samples of (former) colleagues in the lab.
  • Proper documentation, instantly available during inspections or GMO audits.
  • No installation, maintenance and additional infrastructure required.
  • Continuously updated with new features.
  • Save time and organize your lab to make your work more efficient!

We offer free accounts as well as large discounts for our paid plans if you are an academic lab!
Register now for a free license.

If you have any questions about how to use eLabInventory or if you have any suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Posted on March 18, 2011

Updates eLabInventory

We have added serveral new features in eLabInventory to make the application even more usefull to organize samples in the lab. Read more


eLabInventory has been created to store and organize samples in a group. However in most cases you are just working with your own samples. We have therefore included a My samples section, which displays a list of all your stored samples. Here you can view, edit or delete any of the samples you stored without first navigating to a storage unit. Here we have also included search filters, allowing you to view a lists of all samples filtered by Storage Unit, User, Sample Type or any combination thereof.
We are currently working on an advanced search filter, allowing you to specify a search query by any given content for your defined fields in each sample type. In addition, we will continue to work on improving the user interface to get as close as possible to the 'look and feel' that users in laboratories expect when they are using eLabInventory.

Improving adding and editing Storage Units

We have improved the way how to add and define new compartments in storage units. Once a storage unit has been defined, you now only have 2 options: (1) adding a segment (like a section, a drawer, a shelf or custom compartment) or (2) a sample container like a sample box. In addition, we made it easier to directly define and add new compartments to your storage unit (displayed as a link called ‘compartment not listed?’) in the inventory browser itself. This makes it easy to define and add compartments to existing storage units.

Linking samples

You can now internally link samples. This feature makes it possible to link one or more samples together that are stored in eLabInventory. For instance, a new strain can be linked to the strain from which it was derived. Similarly, a stored PCR product can be linked to the primers and the template from which the DNA was amplified. This will automatically enable you (and others in the lab) to easily track- and trace the origin of the samples stored in the lab. Navigate to Sample Types, click on edit sample type (edit fields) and click on the add new field button to selectt the field type Link to other Samples to include this field in your sample type.


You can now add attachments to samples, like pdf files or sequence files. Navigate to Sample Types, click on edit sample type (edit fields) and click on the add new field button to select he field type File Attachments to include this field in your sample type. Ones defined, you may add attachments to samples that are of that particular Sample Type. All attachments are uploaded to an online group-shared storage space (available under group files) that is only accessible by the members in your group.

Group files

A general issue in labs is the possibility to easily share data in the labs. We have therefore included an online storage space to store and exchange files like manuscripts, presentations, images etc. Navigate to the group menu to and click on Group files. Here you can upload files that can be shared with the members in your lab. All files that are added as attachments to any stored samples are also accessible in group files and vice versa.

Interested in using eLabInventory for your lab? We will soon open eLabInventory for registration! Free accounts for academic labs available. Read more

Posted on February 11, 2011

eLabInventory: Online Inventory Management System

We are pleased to announce the release of eLabInventory, the new application of the eLabJournal platform. eLabInventory is a an online Inventory Management System (IMS) designed for life science research laboratories. With this application you can organize, document and share information about all samples, chemicals and/or other items stored in the lab. All information is stored in a central and secured online database that is accessible through our intuitive web interface on Read more

Use eLabInventory, to define storage units, like -80°C- or -20°C freezers, fridges, safety cabinets, cupboard, shelves and sampleboxes, to store samples in. Categorize samples according to predefined sample types like strains, plasmids, cell lines, chemicals, antibodies, RNA- and DNA samples or define a custom sample type for your lab. Storage units and sample types are defined for and shared in a group or lab. All members of the lab can access the information about samples in the lab. Depending on the user permissions set for each individual member in the group, members in the group can view, add, edit and delete samples.

eLabInventory is very flexible, intuitive, easy to implement and affordable by academic labs and small biotech companies. In addition, eLabInventory optionally supports 2D sample barcodes to track- trace samples in the lab and is fully compliant with GLP and FDA guidelines (21 CFR part 11).

Currently, eLabInventory is only available for a selected group of labs. For users in academic labs, we have free accounts as well as high discounts for unlimited use. We anticipate that eLabInventory will be open for registration mid-February. For more info please go to

Posted on January 17, 2011

Security Upgrade

Security update to a class III SSL (bankgrade) certificates. Read more

eLabJournal provides an online platform for scientist in (academic) labs to organize, store and share data. A major concern to many scientists is the security of highly confidential scientific data. In response to these concerns and in preparation to future updates and releases of new applications, we have upgraded the security of our websites with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. This certificate is recognized and displayed by your browser as a so-called green trustbar in the address bar. The green trustbar guarantees that you are connected to our dedicated servers when you access your data and upload (confidentitial) information.


The certificate has been issued to Bio-ITech in the Netherlands, the owner and operator of eLabJournal, eLabInventory and eLabProtocols.The Extended Validation SSL certificate requires a higher level of encryption (2048-bits) than most secured sites are offering today. Read more about how we guarantee the security and the online availability of your data in our facilities.

Posted on January 3, 2011

Interface for iPad, iPhone and Android Phone

Now Online: Interface for iPad, iPhone or Android! Read more

eLabProtocols is a new online application for scientists to create and store protocols. A new feature of these protocols is that you can adjust them for every experiment in just a few mouse-clicks. To enable you to view and adjust your protocols directly in the lab, we have developed an eLabProtocols App for the iPad, iPhone and Android Phone. The first release candidate of this application is now online available on

If you have any suggestions to improve this App, do not hesitate to let us know.

Posted on November 5, 2010

Updates and new planned releases

We have received many positive reactions as well as many suggestions for improvement since the launch of eLabProtocols earlier this month. Thank you all very much for your feedback! In this blog you will read all about the plans for some major updates and new features for the near future. Read more

Regular updates

To keep you up to date and involved in what is happening in the eLabProtocols community, you will receive 4-weekly automatic updates. In this update, you can find an overview of the newly created groups, added protocols,and new members in the community. This update also provides you specific information, like the average rating and posted comments on your protocols. This email is scheduled every first Monday of the Month. If you don't want to receive these updates, you will be able to disable this in your account settings.

Browsing Profiles and Groups

With eLabProtocols we aim to create a global community for scientist to collaborate and communicate with each other. Therefore we planned to improve the navigation for groups and profiles on eLabProtocols and make it easier to join groups of your interest. You will also be able to invite other people to your group directly from their profile page. Finally, group members will be categorized by group-leaders, senior scientists, PhD students, technical staff etc.


To improve the communication, it will be possible to make announcement or to post events for the members in a group (i.e. date and time of group meetings). Posted announcements will automatically be sent by email to all members of the group, which makes it a whole lot easier to communicate with the members in your lab. In addition, it will be possible to send a direct message to other users within your group.

Interface for iPhone and iPad

The final new feature we are expecting to release before the end of this year is an adjusted interface for the iPad or iPhone. Storing your protocols in eLabProtocols gives you the opportunity access and adjust your protocols in a few mouse-clicks. Although you can now view your protocols in the lab on your iPad or iPhone via your internet browser, the interface is not specifically designed for small mobile devices. Therefore we will release an interface that has been adjusted for your iPad and smartphone. This application will also allow you to store offline copies of your favorite protocols.

Follow us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook or LinkedIn Groups for news about these updates and new releases!

If you have any comments or suggestions with respect to these or other applications in eLabProtocols, please let us know

Posted on October 1, 2010

Join and win a Free Ipad!!

Incentive of the Stichting Business Generator Groningen. Join eLabProtocols Now and win a free iPad!
Read more

The Business Generator Groningen Foundation – an initiative of the University of Groningen and the UMCG – will be launching their new careers and business website for academics in Groningen in the field of Life Sciences & Technology at the end of this month. The website will also be of interest to businesses, regional authorities, research groups and funding parties. 

As an incentive towards promoting their website, the Business Generator Groningen Foundation is promoting to subscribe to eLabProtocols (, an online platform developed especially Life Sciences research laboratories. You can use eLabProtocols to manage protocols you are using and to share them with lab colleagues or access them directly online. Since eLabProtocols works perfectly with an iPad, SBGG will be raffling off an iPad among the first 500 registered academics.

Posted on September 9, 2010

Launch of eLabProtocols

After several months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the launch of Bio-ITech's first online application eLabProtocols!! Read more

eLabProtocols is a free online application that allows you to find and download the protocols you need to perform your experiments in the lab. Join eLabProtocols to organize, store your protocols and be able to share them with the members of your lab. Feel free to publish your protocols on eLabProtocols to share them with the rest of the scientific community and help to create an up to date online source for all protocols you need in the lab!! We hope that you will find our eLabProtocols usefull and that you enjoy the services we provide. Please feel free to contact us and to send us your comments, sugesstions and/or requests to improve our application.

Join now!

eLabProtocols forms the basis of eLabJournal, a new and innovative online scientific platform that provides the tools for the secure and online storage your protocols, experiments, raw experimental data, samples and documents and much more. Use eLabJournal to communicate and share your data with the members in you lab or to collaborate with labs all over the world!.

Follow us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook or LinkedIn Groups for news on updates and new releases!

Posted on September 1, 2010