Important Notice: All Plug-ins have been migrated and renamed to add-ons. All plug-ins have been migrated and renamed to add-ons and are now available in the Marketplace. Activation can now be done the user by installing it from the Marketplace.

eLabProtocols offers the option to develop add-ons with the Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend the functionality of eLabProtocols. In case of development of a customization for your organisation that is outside of the scope of Bio-ITech software products, Bio-ITech can provide custom functionality by providing an add-on developed with the SDK that can additionally be installed on the customer installation. Note that currently the SDK is not yet available for third parties to develop apps in our platform. If you are interested in using the SDK to develop custom add-ons, please contact us.

Legacy - Plugin installation

For systems that have disabled Marketplace, plug-ins can not longer be activated by the system or organisation admin. If you would like activate plug-ins, please enable the Marketplace in the system settings

To activate a custom plug-in in your eLabProtocols Private Cloud or On-Premise installation, navigate to Accounts in the System Admin panel and open Manage Accounts. Find the user by the email address. Click on Manage in the Account Details table of the user to install an SDK plug-in for a user. To install a plug-in for a all users in a group, you can choose the Add Modules options in the actions submenu of the Group Information Table. Note that prior to activation of a plug-in, the plug-in needs to be installed. Installation of an SDK plug-in is currently handled by Bio-ITech.

In the appeared window, choose one of the system installed plug-ins and and set active to true. Click Save to store the SDK plug-in installation. The plug-in functionality is now available for the user or group.